14 Natural Remedies For Joint Pain

Listen rather than read?

Joint pain can leave you stopped in your tracks. It seems that it is becoming more and more common, especially amongst adults. Typical intermittent aches and pains can plague all of us, but when joint pain begins to become chronic, it can feel like it is becoming a way of life. And, simultaneously taking away from the ease of your life. 

Joint pain is most often felt in areas such as knees, hips, low back, shoulders, ankles, and wrists. Inflammation is the main culprit but the root cause could come from overuse, injury, muscle strain, muscle weakness, autoimmune disease, and general systemic inflammation. Anti-inflammatory medications can help to ease the discomfort in the short term, but rarely addresses the root cause of that inflammation. Not to mention, in some cases, these medications can make you feel great in the short-term but actually worsen the root cause. 

There are many options to naturally decrease joint pain. If the joint pain onset is related to a deeper foundational root cause (i.e., weakened gut health, leaky gut, systemic stress, etc), then implementing some of these natural remedies could greatly decrease your joint pain and also heal your body on a deeper level. You don’t need to do all of these tips, but picking the ones that seem to work for you could greatly decrease your pain and discomfort (and bring more ease back into your life!). 

  1. Drink plenty of water (and stay hydrated). This tip is one of the most important and most foundational, yet one that gets overlooked all the time. Water lubricates and cushions the joints. Make sure that you are drinking half of your bodyweight (in lbs) in ounces of water daily, more if you consume dehydrating beverages (i.e., coffee, teas, and juices) and/or sweating often.
  2. Remove gluten, dairy, and sugar from your diet. Your body becomes more inflamed the more you eat foods that can increase inflammation. These are the main foods that cause inflammation and body flare ups. This includes not only joint pain, but also acne, rashes, and other inflammatory-related symptoms.
  3. Eat the right kind of fats. Fats are essential for overall body and hormone functioning, but the right kinds of fats are important. Remove inflammatory Omega-6 fats, such as vegetable oil, canola oil, and other seed oils. Add in more Omega-3 fats and monounsaturated fats, such as wild-caught salmon and extra virgin olive oil. These are excellent for managing and decreasing inflammation. If you don’t do fatty fish, you could try consuming a fish oil supplement to help get these healthy benefits. 
  4. Get plenty of sun (with skin exposure) or take a Vitamin D/K2 supplement. Vitamin D is important for supporting healthy bones. It helps with calcium absorption and those with low levels of vitamin D are linked with higher levels of osteoarthritis. 
  5. Consume plenty of high-quality animal protein. Your body needs the full set of amino acids to keep your bones strong, support muscle recovery, and decrease inflammation/joint pain. Animal protein will give you the complete range of amino acids, B-vitamins, choline, magnesium, and iron that you need to support healthy tissue. The key word, however, is high- quality — grass-fed beef, pasteurize- raised poultry and eggs, and wild game such as venison. The muscle meat is not the only part that is nutritious for your joints…
  6. Consume a form of collagen. Along with the animal protein, consuming forms of collagen are super helpful in calming joint pain. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the your body and it helps to build joints and keep connective tissue strong. Consuming collagen, gelatin, or bone broth are ways of getting in natural glucosamine, which have been shown helpful in reducing joint pain. 
  7. Use high doses of curcumin. Turmeric has become popular specifically because of it’s active ingredient curcumin. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  8. Up your magnesium intake. Most people are deficient in magnesium, even if they are eating a nutrient-dense diet. Low levels of magnesium can cause muscle aches, joint pain, leg spasms, weakened bones, and unhealthy nerve function. If you are low in magnesium or suspect that you are, try taking a high-quality magnesium supplement. 
  9. Get active. Regular exercise is critical for healthy muscle and joint function. It helps to strengthen the muscles and joints and decrease your potential for injury. Exercise is also important for balancing hormones such as human growth hormone, cortisol, and other hormones that play a role in appetite and aging. Make sure that you lift heavy weights (appropriate for your body) and stretch regularly to loosen the pressure placed on your joints. 
  10. Eliminate nightshades foods. Nightshades include foods like peppers, potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, goji berries, paprika, and ashwagandha. These foods can play a role in joint pain and muscle aches — inflammation — possibly due to the alkaloid content, or toxic compounds, that those plants can give off as a self-defense. 
  11. Try a glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM supplement. This combination has been shown to be helpful in nourishing the joints for some people. It can support the health of the cartilage. There are some people who notice worsening effects, so if you try it and your symptoms get worse or you don’t notice anything, stop taking it. 
  12. Try a high-quality CBD or hemp oil daily. CBD and hemp oil have very powerful anti-inflammatory effects and can be the “thing” that helps lessen the effect of chronic pain and inflammation. Make sure that when choosing one of these oils, that you find a company that is high-quality, tested for metals or toxins, and is sustainably resourced. 
  13. Use essential oils. Lavender, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Rosemary are just a few of the essential oils that have been linked to decreasing joint pain. Dilute 1-2 drops in a carrier oil (coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc) and rub over the affected area to help decrease pain and discomfort. 
  14. Try the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol), if you are still have joint pain. If you are still having problems after doing the foundational steps, you may need to take a deeper dive. Eliminating foods such as coffee, eggs, grains, and nuts can help to calm your body’s inflammation and chronic pain. Doing this for a few months has given some people great relief and has helped them to discover exactly what foods are triggering their joint pain. 

**Click here for easy access to recommended supplements above.

Joint pain and body inflammation does not need to stop you from enjoy all that life has to offer. There are plenty of natural approaches you can try to help give you relief. Not only will these help to give you relief, but they also help to support the body as a whole!

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How To Get Sexy Skin And Be Hot Within

When you think of skin care, what comes to your mind first?

Face wash, lotions, and scrubs?

Potions, peels, and facemasks?

It seems so simple that what you put on your skin replenishes and heals and that is where you should focus if you are aiming for glowing, smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Yes, it does matter. Gals and guys- skin is skin.

But, it is not necessarily the root cause.

You can lather up with all the right stuff and buy the most expensive products, but if you are not healing yourself from the inside- supporting your skin from the inside- you will never have that flawless, healthy, glowing skin that you have always dreamed of.

Rest assure, there are a few things you can do to make sure your skin looks healthy, feels healthy and actually is healthy.

Skin health come from within. I know I just blew your mind and you may be thinking I am crazy, but seriously, healthy skin starts from within and that is where you should focus.

What do I mean from “within?” Your mood, how much sleep you get, what you eat, how you move your body, what gets trapped inside, and how you flush everything out will all have an impact on how you look and feel – and that includes your skin.

Superficial things like clothing, skin-care creams, and magic potions can help and make a dent in your healthy skin goals, but if you are looking to change for the long-term, then you may need a different approach.

But, if you are looking to portray the best you, inside and out, focus on the factors that affect your skin’s natural glow from inside you.

Here is how to get sexy skin and be hot within…



There is a reason they call it “beauty sleep.” Getting 7-8 hours of sleep helps the body heal and recover. The rise in growth hormones helps to repair the damage done to cells throughout the day, including skin cells. Poor sleep can lead to increased stress hormones in the body that increase the severity of inflammatory skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis. Inflammation and stress on the body damages the cells and upsets the delicate balance of hormones. What an easy way to work on your skin care.


Choosing a mindset that creates positive feelings and inner joy heals you from deep within. Creating an inner glow radiates outwardly and your skin reflects that glow. If you feel tired and exhausted, your skin’s appearance looks washed out and lackluster. But, if you create inner happiness and participate in laughter throughout your day, your skin will reflect that positivity. Laughter truly is the best medicine. Also, with better mood, you’ll usually have an easier time eating clean and avoiding junk food. The more stressed, depressed, angry, and full of anxiety you are, the more you are likely to crave comforting foods that are not so healthy. Typically, that would consist of high levels of sodium, sugar, unhealthy fats, and processed foods. Read “Food” to see what that does to skin.



Exercise doesn’t have to be all fancy by going to the gym or being in an organized exercise class. It is not about the where, rather the how. Mother Nature’s backyard is one of my favorite workout playgrounds. Exercise is about moving your body and getting your heart rate up. You can even go for a walk to loosen up those muscles, joints, and push all those toxins out of your pores. As long as you’re moving, circulation and oxygenation will improve, and your skin will look healthier. As a bonus, sweating is one form of the body ridding itself of toxins. Clearing out the junk on the inside makes for beautiful skin.


Fill your plate with anti-inflammatory foods and you will almost be able to see your skin healing before your eyes. Inflammation dulls the appearance, ages the skin, and makes wrinkles more prominent. Sugar and processed foods are the number one inflammatory foods and can cause a massive imbalance in what your skin looks like on the outside. A super easy way to remember which foods are anti-inflammatory is to fill your plate with  mostly a plant-based diet – like nuts, vegetables, and low-sugar fruits. Your body is a machine. What you feed it is going to determine how you look, how you feel, and how your body runs on a day-to-day basis.



Water. The nectar of the skin care gods. Staying hydrated is super important for beautiful skin. Dehydration can definitely cause your skin to look dull. When skin is dehydrated, it creates more oil to make up for the missing water. This can cause breakouts, irritation and dry patches. Skin can even feel oily and dry at the same time. Drink plenty of water to get that sexy glow.


So, I know I said that true skin health starts within, and it does, but what happens next? Practicing the 5 steps above is actually creating a detox of the toxins and pushing all the junk out of your body so that your hormones become balanced and your skin can clear up the symptoms that were showing up outwardly. That is what skin conditions are- they are signs and symptoms that something is not balanced! So, what do you do with your skin as it is getting rid of all the junk? You help it along!

  1. Start a daily dry brushing routine for a minimum of three months. Brush your body with a natural bristled brush when it is dry. It helps with improved circulation and stimulates your lymphatic system to release those toxins that are trying to push out. Dry brushing also reduces puffiness and cellulite, improves muscle tone, sloughs of dull, dead skin cells, and encourages skin cell renewal. 
  2. Take a detoxing bath 2-3 times per week. Soaking in a detoxifying bath a few times per week for 20 – 30 minutes can help clear pollutants from the pores of your skin. I love a good Epsom salt bath!


Your skin is an outer reflection of what is going on inside you. Heal the root cause and you will heal the symptoms. Here’s to the health of your skin!

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Non-Toxic, Effective Spring Cleaning

Ahhhh, the weather is getting warmer and the windows are being opened to let the fresh Spring air flow through the house. Nothing beats that first burst of fresh air circulating through the room. It airs out the home and creates a resurgence of flowing energy and inspiration. It also creates a cloud of dust and debris that has been hiding in the cracks from the winter months.

It is time for some Spring cleaning. But, that can be a double-edged sword! Spring cleaning brings renewal and life into your home while cleaning out the bacteria and infection that may be lying in the cracks and crevices. The problem is that most of the cleaning products that are conventional and easily accessible are quite toxic and can cause more harm than good to you and your family. You might be cleaning out the dirt and debris in the immediate, but you can also be setting your family up for major health issues down the road.



Did you know?

The typical American home contains about three to 10 gallons of toxic materials in the form of household cleaning products? The very thing that you are using to clean your home and make it healthier for you is actually creating a more toxic environment.


First, let’s take a sneaky peek into the world of cleaning products…

Cleaners that contain chemicals known or suspected to be carcinogenic are super worrisome. Other chemicals can disrupt your endocrine system and cause harm reproductively.

See, when the chemicals in common household products hit your skin and lungs, they bypass your liver and kidneys (your body’s defense against toxins) and go directly into your bloodstream. This then quickly affects every area of the physical body and gets trapped in the fatty tissue. Overtime, toxin build-up occurs and physical symptoms begin to emerge.

Just one application of a typical household cleaner can leave dangerous chemicals lingering in your indoor air for hours on end!

On mercola.com, Dr. Mercola provides a list of some of the most offending ingredients in common household cleaners and detergents and how they can harm your health. Check out this list below-

Glycol ethers– Widespread use in paints, perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, and foods. Cause fatigue, lethargy, nausea, and possible liver and kidney damage Phosphates – Manufacturers have reduced eliminated phosphates from laundry products, but no action has ever been taken on dishwasher detergents. Causes widespread environmental damage4 Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including 1,4-dichlorobenzene – Cause nose and throat irritation, dizziness, and asthma
Phthalates – Cause reproductive harm, endocrine disruption, cancer, and organ damage Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), a common ingredient in laundry detergents and all-purpose cleaners, is banned in Europe, and known to be a potent endocrine disrupter, causing male fish to transform into females Petroleum solvents in floor cleaners may damage mucous membranes
Perfumes – Cause headaches, sinus problems, and asthma Formaldehyde, found in spray and wick deodorizers, is a suspected carcinogen Butyl cellosolve, found in many all-purpose and window cleaners, may damage your kidneys, bone marrow, liver, and nervous system
Chlorine – irritating to your skin, eyes, and lungs Ethanolamines – irritating to the skin, eyes, and lungs Sodium lauryl sulfate: skin irritant, eye irritant, and potentially carcinogenic

Let’s get real with some real life examples

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has been on a mission to educate and provide easy access for consumers to understand what they are putting on and in their bodies, in the environment, and how it impacts your health and the world around you. Here, you can discover a super helpful list of common, everyday products that line the shelves of your local grocery store. This is EWG’s Hall Of Shame when it comes to toxic cleaning products. How many do you have in your home?

How can you kick the toxins to the curb?

First, it is all about getting in the know. When you become aware of reality, it is much easier to change it. See, so many of your current health concerns and obstacles may be stemming from the products in your home and/or they may be exacerbated by them.

There are plenty of healthy alternatives out there that are safe, non-toxic, AND effective. One of the things I always worried about was the effectiveness in the less harsh, natural products. But, more and more research is showing that they are just as effective and way more healthier for you and your family.

There are products that you have sitting in your cabinets right now that you can choose to replace the harsh chemical cleaners. Check out this list below!


Natural Recipes That Rock!

Finding solid recipes that actually work can be quite daunting. I have my go-to’s for cleaning, but my go-to’s may not be your favorites. I personally love using vinegar, olive oil, baking soda, lemon and lavender essential oils, and coconut oil the most for my cleaning and deodorizing.

An article called 27 Chemical-Free Recipes for DIY Spring Cleaning” on greatist.com gives a super helpful list of DIY natural cleaners for almost anything you would need in the home!


Natural cleaners you can find at the store

If you are just not into the DIY house cleaning or don’t have the time to devote to it, it is becoming easier and easier to find quality brands that are safe and effective and right in your local grocery story. Some of my favorite brands are:

  • Meyer*s
  • Method
  • Seventh Generation
  • Grab Green
  • Dr. Bronner’s
  • Ecover
  • Biokleen
  • Eco Me

If you want to dive into a few of them and see what they are best used for (and you want to learn of a few others), here is a handy article that gives you 12 natural and eco-friendly products, most of them that you can find on your grocer’s shelves right now!

Action Step:

Take action now! Where can you start to swap out the chemical-laden, toxic cleaners in your cabinets? Make a list of what is not so healthy that you currently use and start by swapping out 1 or 2 of your current products. You can either choose to buy a non-toxic product at the store or make your own formula. That is up to you! The key thing is to bring empowerment and health to your home and doing that by slowing ridding your home of the products that diminish your health. What are you going to start with?

Go to the comment section. Make a comment and let me know what you have struggled with, what you have tried, and what your action plan is. The best discussions start between like-minded friends! Share this with your friends and get more people in on the action.

Do you want to learn more? This was a just a snippet into how you can apply this to your own life. If you are craving more and need to make a change in your life right now (or even if you are scared and don’t know what to do), I am here to guide you in the right direction. Contact me at tansynr@tansyrodgers.com to learn more about what you can do to get you from where you are now to where you always dreamed you wanted to be!

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7 Tips On How To Build Your Self-Confidence In Your Workouts Part 4 Of 8: Effortlessly Using Sleep To Increase Your Energy

“I will sleep when I am dead.” One of the favorite sayings by so many and one of the sayings that I silently lived by for way too long in my life. The concept of consistent sleep seems so trivial and unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. I mean, think about it- we, as humans, literally make a plan to lay down at night and fall asleep. Just close our eyes and do nothing for 5, 6, 10 hours, depending on what your plan is that you created. Like a machine, we “go to sleep” to recharge our batteries. It seems like such an odd concept and, on the surface, it may be challenging to wrap our heads around the importance of it for overall functioning and health. But, just as interesting of a concept of why the human was created to sleep in the first place is why it is so dang important for optimal health. See, we are like our cellphones. We turn it off, plug it into it’s power source, and, within hours, the cellphone is charged and ready to perform optimally. As that battery drains, we get warning signs that it needs to be recharged. If we ignore those signs, the cellphone runs out of battery and it can not function. If we only charge it half way, the cellphone functions for shorter periods of time. Can you see how that relates to you and sleep? Getting proper amounts of sleep and proper amounts of the right kind of sleep will make or break your day. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone with a newborn or anyone who burns the candle at both ends and works crazy amounts of hours!


Limited sleep makes us cranky and easily stressed. It creates imbalances in our hormones and raises cortisol levels, increasing weight gain and decreasing fat-burning. It causes digestive problems and gut-related imbalances. It increases emotional and mental instabilities and promotes us to be more depressed and anxious. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more! Let’s explore a little…

  1. Lack of sleep can make you fat. Short sleep duration has been directly linked to increased weight gain and obesity in adults and children.
  2. The well rested are more likely to eat fewer calories. Hormones influence our cravings and appetite. Decreased shut eye time creates an imbalance in those hormones, therefore, those who are well rested are less likely to overeat and have insatiable appetites. This directly translates to less food cravings and less calorie intake.
  3. Sleep improves concentration and productivity. A good night’s rest increases problem solving skills and enhances memory, while poor sleep increases brain function impairment.
  4. Getting a proper amount of good sleep can maximize your athletic performance. Studies have shown that it can significantly improve speed, accuracy, reaction times, and mental well-being, therefore, you will gain more out of your workouts. This equates to more intense bouts in the gym, increased grip strength, faster cardio speeds, and increased resistance in your strength and workouts.
  5. Inadequate sleep increases your risk of heart disease and stroke. At least a whopping 15 studies have linked increased cases of heart disease and strokes to those who sleep less than 7-8 hours per night consistently.
  6. Sleep deprivation can cause pre-diabetes in health adults. Actually, it can do this in as little as 6 days. Healthy adults who push sleep to the wayside consistently are at a much greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  7. Decreased sleep equals increased depression. You got it! Studies have linked sleep quality to depression and have shown that an estimated 90% of patients with depression complain about sleep quality. This has even been shown to link to higher suicide rates. If you already have a sleeping disorder because of other health issues, poor sleeping patterns may strongly increase the depression that may already exist.
  8. Poor sleep increases inflammation within the body. Increased inflammation in the body can increase cell damage and has been linked to the onset of disease and cancer. Disease and cancers exist in an inflamed body and are often the result of inflammation and damage to the digestive tract. Poor sleep has been strongly linked to long-term inflammation of the digestive tract and gut lining, therefore increasing your chances for disease and cancer.


After reading those, I bet you are a little more motivated to get some deep, quality sleep tonight! But, what if you truly struggle to fall asleep, regardless of how badly you want to get more sleep? That can be a huge problem for a lot of people, even the healthiest of the healthy. When I am hyped up or have a lot on my mind, sleeping seems like the most challenging activity and quieting my mind— forget about it! Rest assured, there are some key practices that you can put in place that will help to calm your mind, rest your body, decrease your stress, and allow you to be more likely to fall into a deep slumber. What are they? Let’s look at a few…

  1. Prepare to have 7-9 hours of sleep per night. If it is 1 am and you know that you have to be awake by 6 am to get ready for work, then your stress levels will be more likely to increase and falling asleep will appear to be unattainable. Prepare a routine that will allow for 7-9 hours of sleep so that you can begin to wind down. 7-9 hours of deep rest is the optimal amount to reset your entire system and allow for the healing process to take hold.
  2. Create a nightly routine. A low stress, winding down routine to your evening is absolutely essential. If your system stays revved up all the way until you want to fall asleep, chances are that you will not. By incorporating a nightly routine to signal your body and brain that it is time for bed, you will begin to train yourself to naturally fall asleep. Begin your nightly wind down 1-2 hours before you actually go to bed. Try reading, listening to soothing music, taking a bath, or laughing with your kids. This is also a great time to turn down the lights and begin to allow your natural body rhythms to respond as they know how.
  3. Turn devices off 1 hour before bedtime. The blue light on devices is a killer of sleep and rest. One hour before you prepare to sleep, turn off your television, get off your phone, put away your computer, and cover up that bright alarm clock light that is like a beacon in the night. Because EMF waves from your electronic devices and your WiFi can highly impact the quality of your sleep, I would suggest decreasing their impact. I put my cellphone at least 8-10 feet from me when I sleep and turn the WiFi off in the house.
  4. Have sex. The pink elephant has entered the room- No one wants to talk about how sex is one of the best ways to decrease stress and improve feelings of calmness. But, it is! Here’s the deal— being close to someone you love and having skin to skin contact is healing and increases Oxytocin. And, having an orgasm greatly decreases your stress levels and helps to release soothing neurotransmitters to the brain that will help to calm and stimulate the pleasure center. When this happens, we can more readily access our ability to fall into a deep slumber.
  5. Warm your belly and eat soothing foods. One of my favorite night-time routines to signal my brain that it is time to sleep is by drinking a calming tea or a cup of warm coconut milk. Adding a bit of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamon to the coconut milk is a soothing overload to the senses.  Eat some walnuts, almonds, and cashews. Not only are they heart healthy, but certain nuts are shown to increase levels of melatonin and tryptophan in the body.


With all the chaos, noise, stimulation, and environmental disturbances in our modern world, getting quality sleep may seem to be a distant memory. It doesn’t have to be! There are simple tricks that you can take, if you dedicate the time to implementing them, that will get you on the fast track to deep sleep.


Action Step:

Take action now! Do you get enough rest or are you running on empty? Be honest with yourself and look at your life and see how a lack of sleep is affecting your health and setting you up for future problems. Once you allow yourself to accept that “sleeping when you are dead” is not a good habit, you will be more likely to stay committed to your new change. Set a plan- that is where you start. I would start with creating a nightly plan to get yourself used to winding down and preparing to “become sleepy.” Finding the specifics that create your sleepiness and prepare your mind for a restful night. Now, share my “Shout And Share” with all your friends to help get them set up for success in their new habit!

Go to the comment section. Make a comment and let me know what you have struggled with, what you have tried, and what your action plan is. The best discussions start between like-minded friends! Share this with your friends and get more people in on the action.

Do you want to learn more? This was a just a snippet into how you can apply this to your own life. If you are craving more and need to make a change in your life right now (or even if you are scared and don’t know what to do), I am here to guide you in the right direction. Contact me at tansynr@tansyrodgers.com to learn more about what you can do to get you from where you are now to where you always dreamed you wanted to be!

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