5 Easy Ways To Fit In Exercise During Busy Holiday Schedules

Labor Day is right around the corner and it is another holiday on the horizon that could potentially throw you into a detour on your road to optimal health. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be! It is all about how you approach it and how you prepare yourself. Success lies in preparation. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Back in July, I wrote a blog on how to curb your binging during holiday meals– that would be a fabulous blog for you to return to and add those tips to really amp up your success levels. These tips are focused around exercise and how to use a holiday season to your favor. It is a great time to challenge yourself on a whole new level, step out of your comfort zone, and refocus your mindset towards flexibility- step outside your box, ya’all! Too much routine leads to stale workouts and plateauing bodies, so why not change it up and take this opportunity to do yourself good mentally, physically, emotionally, and (possibly) socially?


Your gym may be closed, but the great outdoors (or your living room) is not! Get yo’ butt outside and give yourself a whole new workout. Maybe you go for a walk or a run in the fresh air or maybe you are doing lunges up and down your driveway. The fresh air and being in nature will heal you emotionally and spiritually and the new spin on your workout will challenge your muscles in a whole new, invigorating way. Be creative and run around your yard. Set up an obstacle course. See how many objects you can use outside to create resistance for your muscles (flower pot squats anyone?). Create your own Crossfit gym if you feel compelled to. Just move and let yourself feel the freedom of the great outdoors.


Recruit your family (or a friend) for an early morning workout or an after dinner digestive aid. Nothing says energy booster like the feel of waking up early and squeezing in a workout before heading to your day of activity. Make it fun by recruiting your spouse or your children or calling up a friend and meeting her for an active gab session. Not enough time to get in a morning workout? Then gather your fellow health nuts and go for a walk after dinner. Not only does that chase away the afternoon sleepiness, but it also helps with digestion. Bonus! One of my favorite activities used to be our after dinner walk on Thanksgiving Day. Instead of sitting around the table and letting our eyes droop, we would all tie up our shoelaces and go for a walk on the country roads. Quality time spent with family and still staying on my healthy life plan.


Skip the weights and focus on body weight only exercises. Ever try a push-up into a burpee into a star jump for 10-15 repetitions for 3 sets? That has to be what death feels like! Committing to a workout that consists of all body weight exercises is no joke and you can always make it as challenging as you need to make it, depending on your level of fitness. String together 6-8 body weight exercises with minimal to no rest in between to create a solid circuit that is challenging your strength and flexibility and cardio. Make a mini boot camp. Challenging your body in a new way will open up your old, mundane workout and allow you to push past some of your plateaus.


Get aligned with yoga or Pilates to decrease (holiday) stress and increase strength and flexibility. Picnics and holiday gatherings are synonymous with stress and anxiety. For real- who can debate the fact that 99% of the time, you will be faced with that one uncle that makes your eye twitch? Most of use neglect flexibility and stretching in our regular workouts anyway. Why not start your day off with some spiritual connection and tap into the wonders of yoga and Pilates to challenge your strength, flexibility, cardio, mental focus, and controlled breathing. The workout will challenge your muscles differently and you will be banishing stress at the same time. Ommmmmm….


Partake in the games at cookouts. Who says that you have to act your age? Not me! I say let your child-like freaky flag fly and get yourself involved in those fun picnic or summer games. Is there a volleyball game going on? Adult game of tag anyone? Who brought the Twister game? Get imaginative and get involved. Exercise and staying physically healthy does not have to be confined to a gym or to a prescribed workout plan. It is all about being active and when you can do that while coupling it with laughter and happiness, you are actually doing your body more good than if you are dredging through a gym workout begrudgingly. So, partake and have fun. That is what holidays are all about anyway, right?

share-button“Too much routine leads to stale workouts and plateauing bodies. Change it up, challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone, and refocus your mindset- Your body will transform before your eyes!

~Tansy N. Rodgers/beU Complete



Take action now! What kind of changes can you make to your current workout routine to bring you success around the holiday season? How can you challenge your body in a whole new way to invigorate you and stimulate your body towards positive, healthy changes and to staying committed to your health journey? Take a look at what your schedule is like for the days around the holiday and make a scheduled commitment on your calendar to stick to your chosen challenges. Use some of the above ideas to create your new workouts. Do you have a problem with sticking to your self-made commitments? Then recruit someone that you can trust will keep you honest and on target. There is more power in groups!

Go to the comment section. Make a comment and let me know what you have struggled with, what you have tried, and what your action plan is. The best discussions start between like-minded friends! Share this with your friends and get more people in on the action.

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